School Year

Preschool (3-4 yrs)

Available to children from 30 months to school age. Out preschool classes are two and a half hours each, and they run from 9 – 11:30 am and 12 – 2:30 pm.
Our Preschool staff works with an Emergent curriculum to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment. This involves all areas of development including arts, early literacy, science, math, drama and physical development. Daily activities include free play, exploration/circle time, songs, outside play, and snacks.

Kindercare Program (4-5 yrs)

The daycare staff collect the children from their classroom when kindergarten is finished. They have snacks together in the Kindie Building. The afternoon is filled with stories, songs, games, activities, and local trips to the beach & park. This program ends at 5:15 pm. Any remaining children join the Out of School program in their area until the end of the day.

Out of School Care (6-12 yrs)

These children come downstairs to the Daycare (lunchrooms) on their own after class. They have time to play outside until 3:30, when they go inside with their group for snacks and program time. We offer free playtime as well as structured programs (4:00-5:00) and local outings to the library, beach and local neighbourhood.

Life Skills

Over the years, we have developed and implemented special interest clubs to help the children learn simple & valuable skills. Some of the training offered can include: machine sewing and pattern cutting, designing and woodworking, gardening, drawing, and sports.

A daily homework area is provided for anyone who wishes to use it. We have a cook who provides nutritious daily snacks, as well as optional lunches on “Long Days” (Non-Instructional days, District Closure days, Winter Break and Spring Break.)